I find it interesting that in John 7, he never sets out to prove that Jesus is the Christ. He could have set up a more elaborate story for us with the journey to Bethlehem and the family tree to prove to his audience that Jesus is the Christ, but he doesn’t. He tells us that “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God and was with God” and that after John came testifying about the Word, Jesus ministry started.

Thus far, John’s testimony about Jesus has been about signs and actions for us to believe and follow. The journey he takes us on has been similar to the one the people in Jerusalem would have been on, with stories about Jesus and his miracles and words being relayed to them. The only difference thus far is that we have a little “I know something you don’t know” moment in John 1 with us being told Jesus comes from God and has always been with God.

Jesus, by his actions and words points to the Father alone as being his source and his life.

I think that is my takeaway from this verse. Can we, by our actions and words alone, point to God as our source and strength? we don’t have to prove anything with complicated formula’s and theoretical proofs, the question is do our lives point to God alone through the saving work of Christ?

If we can testify to the work of Christ in our lives, that powerfully points to God in a way that can never be taken away from us.

Why, I’m not sure, but it might be interesting one day.

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just got back from the run this morning and decided to turn on the tv while eating breakfast. Watched the emporers new groove, I think, followed by superman. Just got to say, in the superman series from the 90’s that I remember he was a strongish guy (Dean Cain) but would not look out of place in a suit, but in the superman animated series, he looks like the hulk all the time. He is seriously huge.

for some reason the title is supreman, but im not sure he would fit the clothes.

for some reason the title is supreman, but im not sure he would fit the clothes.

He would not look out of place in the 90’s wrestling world of steroids and high intensity exercise that took some of our most gifted actors and shamelessly put them on display for the world in a four cornered ring.

maybe sometimes we say, if we could only get there, then we would be ok, If I get that thing, then I will be ok.
“Philippians 4:12 (New International Version)

12I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”

Its hard to live like Paul, but it might just be the thing that saves us. Of course there is a problem here, if we had learned this lesson a few years ago, the economy may not have tanked, but if we follow it now, the economy may not recover.

So for now, it will stay as an awesome verse that I will try to ascribe to so I can be better in my ministry and live for where I am today, not where I can be in the future.

Is your heart focused on getting the most out of now, or only lamenting problems now and focusing on the future when things will be better?

This book is a really interesting read and one which bears much fruit when read.

It is a book written about a human life from the vantage point of  an arch demon writing to a junior demon about how to ensure the soul entrusted to him winds up in “the fathers house below”.

Dont let the nature of the book put you off though. It is a darkly funny and very interesting book and one which does what a lot of books fail to do, provoke thought.

A lot of books try to tell you how to think, they may follow a logical argument and base it well, but they do all the thinking for you. This is almost the antithesis of that mentality. You follow the demons arguments and allow yourself to see and supply how things should be.

C.S. Lewis states that he would have liked to have a parallel book from the point of view of an angel, but the person who wrote that book would have to be a better man than he, and that every word would have to smell of Heaven. Im not so sure. I think if we read it as it is intended, with our views based in Christ, we supply the side from the view of heaven. As we read from the view of hell, we find the myriad ways we come closer to God and extend his Kingdom on Earth, and as they are never stated, we need to think about them and process them.

Its a great book and although it could be taken too far, Lewis, in his introduction tries to leave some guidelines for us. You can go too far and believe everything is the work of Demons, or you can go too far and believe everything is pure chance.

I would recommend it to anyone. (well nearly, maybe not little kids, it is partly about demons after all).